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Ulcerative colitis
Crohn’s disease
Asthma and Bronchitis
Thyroid Complaints
Stones in Urinary Tract
Stones in Gall Bladder and pancreas
Prostate enlargement
Meniere disease
Cervical spondylosis
Rheumatoid arthritis and gout
Allergic disorders
All skin Diseases
Behavior abnormalities in children
Fibroids in uterus and cystic diseases in ovary
Lack of immunity in children
Hyperlipidemia[Raised cholesterol]
All Cancers
  Homoeopathic Approach....  
In addition to the first two columns of information Homoeopathy seeks following details for the prescription.

The first two columns represent a particular disease condition and its common symptom It doesn’t cover symptoms pertaining to the patient. Uncommon peculiar symptoms specific to the individual patient is helpful for the constitutional prescription in Homoeopathy.

A patient with a particular disease state shows portrait of suffering which has a mirror image in the nature itself. By proving animal, plant or mineral products in healthy humans the portrait of symptoms are elicited and later recorded in our materia medicas. We compare the disease portrait and patient portrait. The most similar medicine is applied in ultra minute doses. The cure takes place by the law similia similibus curenter.

Antimiasmatic remedies

Diseases, drugs and our living body shows 3 distinct properties.

  1. Functional alterations [Psora]
  2. Proliferations [Sycosis]
  3. Destruction [Syphilis]

Diseases with predominant functional alterations are easy to cure. Destructive and proliferate nature of the diseases and patient makes the treatment difficult. By analyzing the family history as well as
present symptoms of a case a Homoeopathy doctor can identify the theme in that patient, weather functional, proliferate, or destructive. We call the theme as miasm. An example can clarify this. Hepatitis is a functional alteration. Hapatomegaly is sycotic. Hepatic cirrhosis is destructive. Here we can see 3 phases of disease process with in one organ. In Homoeopathy we give antimiasmatic remedy to control these 3 miasms.

Apart from the anti miasmatic remedies we have Biochemical tissue remedies that will correct the deficiency as well as disorientation of essential salt molecules of the body.

We also have many herbal as well as mineral Organopathic medicines, which may be used for a particular organ like liver kidney etc… that need a special care.

Following details will help us in making a portrait of a patient. After carefully studying these details please fill the On-line consultation form.

  1. Description of the present complaints with duration.
  2. Physical appearance; Lean/stocky/obese.
  3. Perspiration; acridity, cold, oily, odorous. sticky, excessive, absent digestion.
  4. Appetite, dryness of mouth, nausea, salivation, flatulence, taste.
  5. Thirst; Warm water, cold, excess, low.
  6. Craving or aversion to any type of food.
  7. Stool habit.
  8. Urine; Frequency, urging, control, color, pain.
  9. Menstrual function; Duration, flow, color, clots, pain.
  10. Mental and physical peculiarities during menses.
  11. Details of pregnancy, abortion and delivery.
  12. Sexual function, and sexual behavior.
  13. Mental health.
  • Any mental cause for your disease like, anger, sadness, grief, quarrels, humiliation, mortification.
  • Peculiarities like, sympathy, affection, work, sensitiveness, cruelty, sadism, jealousy, suspicion, egotism.
  • Anxiety, nervousness, timidity, sleep.
  • Memory, perception, intelligence.
  • Any artistic ability, sports, social or religious works.
  • General behavior.
  • Your thoughts about yourself.

After taking the symptom totality of the case we make a portrait of the case. In our materia medica we have mainly medicines from following sources.

  • Plant kingdom
  • Animal kingdom
  • Mineral kingdom
  • Nosodes
  • Sarcodes
  • Impondrabilia

We compare totality of your symptoms with the materia medica of proved medicines and make a choice from the above sources.The cure is possible by this proceedure in cases ranging from simple cold &coryza to cancers. Here the cure is directly proportional to the accuracy of similimum we selected,the pathological stage of the disease and the dose and potency we apply for the particular case.

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