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Do you have any medicine that relieves pain for cancer patients?
  Posted by : George Joseph (gjgeorgejoseph@gmail.com), Date : 02-09-2013, ID : 1131  
There are lots of medicines used for cancer palliative purpose in Homoeopathy.
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Hello Dr. I have small swellings under skin when checked with the doctor he said they are lipoma's. Kindly suggest if there is any medicine to get these cured. Or is there a diet to avoid them growing more...
  Posted by : sreevidhya (sreevidhyahari@hotmail.com), Date : 11-06-2010, ID : 40  
Lipoma is an undue collection of fat over the nerve fibers. They do not cause any harm and are asymptomatic but causes cosmetic problems. Homoeopathy help reducing the size of the same to a certain extent but it is difficult to promise a completely cure. We can prevent the further growth and budding new ones
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My son [4yrs] is a constant patient. He has a tendency for easy infections frequently. He was affected with pneumonia 3 times and typhoid once. Now also he falls ill very easly. All tests shows no complaints. Can it be corrected by homoeopathy?
  Posted by : Mary (mary@gmail.com), Date : 12-04-2010, ID : 39  
There are many children who are constant patients. They may suffer from many diseases extending from simple cold and coryza to pneumonia lke diseases. They catch diseases frequently and loss the class days . They develop a type of depression from the restrictions they get from their diseases. These children may show normal investigations also. Here the problem is lack of immunity. He is susceptable to every disease. Here Homoeopathy act miraculously and make him fit to withstand the frequent infections and there by save his schooldays. There are many remedies for correcting the constitutional defects of such patients. For more details mail us at :info@doctorshomoeopathy.org
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remedy for VP Shunt in head
  Posted by : adnaan mughal (alyaanmughal@yahoo.com), Date : 10-03-2010, ID : 34  
Cerebral shunts are used to treat hydrocephalus, the swelling of the brain due to excess buildup of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Usually Homoeopathy has a supportive role in these types of cases. We have medicines for alleviating the pressure in brain due to CSF accumulation, which can be administered simultaneously with the mechanical interventions.
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Is any treatment for no-sperms?
  Posted by : biju (bijumarycherian@yahoo.co.in), Date : 23-02-2010, ID : 33  
Azoospermia is normally a difficult case. But with exact constitutional treatment,there is chance of good result.There are reported cases of Azoospermia that has been treated successfully by Homoeopathy.
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my brother has seborrhic blepharits which occur only in winter.so what should I do?
  Posted by : priyanka (priynkaagrwl@gmail.com), Date : 26-12-2009, ID : 29  
Blepharitis is an inflammation of lid margins. In seborrhic variety part of scalp and brows also affected. Usully internal Homoeopathic medicines gives good results in these type of cases. Repeated washing with cold water may temporarly alliviate the discomfort. For more information please mail us at info@doctorshomoeopathy.org
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looking for any medicines for curing keloid
  Posted by : abdul razaq (razaqa@hotmail.com), Date : 08-12-2009, ID : 25  
A 100% effective curable treatment for keloids may not be possible. However the distressing symptoms like itching, pain and growth can be effectively controlled by Homoeopathic medicines
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Sir, i had certain swellings in the inner part of my skin, when consulted with a skin specialist, he confirmed that they are lipomas. Now i have started some homeopathic medicines, i took it for about 3-4 months, also found that the qty of lipoma was in control. Then after i stopped taking those as i found some weakness. But now i started to find few more new lipomas developing in my body, as a result i have again continued the intake of the prescribed homeopathic medicines. Kindly make me more aware about this and also the period till which i should continue with this homeopathic.
  Posted by : amit (amitkamat@lntecc.com , kamatamitg@gmail.com), Date : 26-10-2009, ID : 18  
Lipoma is an undue collection of fat over the nerve fibers. They do not cause any harm and are asymptomatic but causes cosmetic problems. Homoeopathy help reducing the size of the same to a certain extent but it is difficult to promise a completely cure. We can prevent the further growth and budding new ones
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swelling in the legs during long air travel??
  Posted by : Prakash babu (prakashbabu@hotmail.com), Date : 19-10-2009, ID : 17  
Foot swelling during air travel is a common problem for many travelers. It is a harmless condition if it is not persisting too long after the end of travel. Foot swelling can be reduced by avoiding continuous sitting, flexing and extending your ankle, and by drinking plenty of water. The condition is caused by excessive pooling of blood in the leg region. Persistent edema can be treated by Homoeopathy, which may be due to venous circulatory problems or rheumatic conditions
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my friend used the homeo medicine for kidney stone.then his hair of head fully became grey and white.the medicin name i dont remember ...may be hydregon...or so.i was very obtimistic in homeo but now iam now upset. why this side effect.
  Posted by : karim (karimt10@yahoo.com), Date : 06-10-2009, ID : 8  
First of all we can undoubtly say that Homoeopathic medicines in its pure form never causes any side effect. The medicine you mentioned may be 'Hydrangia' which is a plant remedy most commonly used for renal stone. The side effect you noted here may be due to some other causes, not connected with the medicines taken. Occationally adultrated medicines can cause problems. Be careful while selecting your Doctor as well as medicine. Thank you
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Iam 45 year old & my uterus shows multipple small fibroids ranging from 3 to 4 mm in size on ultrasound scan. My periods are regular and no special symptom related to fibroids. Does it need any treatment?
  Posted by : Susan (Susanp_d@yahoo..co.in), Date : 06-10-2009, ID : 7  
Fibroids are benign tumors. Fibroids usually need treatment only when it pruduces symptoms like,heavy menstruation,pressure feeling in pelvic area,frequent urination, pain during intercourse constipation, abdominal bloating abdominal pain and back ache. Usually after menapause the fibroids reduces in size and virulency. In your case,as you are nearing menapause & and you are divoid of any symptoms, there is no need of treatment. But you have to follow up your disease at regular intervals to study any changes to the existing fibroids. Even if there is any symptoms most of fibroids are treatable by Homoeopathy . Very few number of cases require surgery also. Thank you ....
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I have pain in chest for last one year. Pain usually felt on right side of chest especially on breathing. I have done all the tests including cardiac. Nothing foud out. The problem persisting even now. Can u suggest some solutions. Thank u
  Posted by : Nibi s (Nibi524@gmail.com), Date : 20-04-2009, ID : 6  
Chest pain on breathing usually indicates an affection of pleura or chest wall. There may be an inflammation in the thoracic region which may be unresolved by ur previous treatments.Anyway it is not a serious problem.Please try Homoeopathy,u will get result.Thank you...
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